Evolution of B2B Services for the Telecom Operators in the Age of Cloud Computing and AI Driven World

Background The telecom industry has been a resilient force in adapting to technological changes over the years. From the transition from landline to mobile carriers and voice calls to messaging and data-centric networks, telecom operators have consistently transformed to meet evolving consumer needs. However, the telecom industry has been facing unprecedented changes lately as the

Migrating Systems to Amazon Cloud: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

1. Background For the last several months, I was  involved in designing, planning and setting up a few large cloud based infrastructure for transactions processing and real time content delivery. All these setups had a quite complex software architecture involving several dozen of inter-connected server instances, numerous commercial and private AMIs in each case. Now

A Case for Cloud Based SaaS Billing for Telecom Operators

Managing telecom operations is a complex endeavor as it involves managing many layers of complex systems designed to deal with business issues, technology equipment, and customer management. Besides, a telecom operator has to deal with retail customers, wholesale customers, resellers, partners, employees, contractors, installers and a myriad of equipment and service suppliers. Despite all this

Setting In-house Private Cloud with OpenStack

It appears that traditional data center architecture built around the clusters of dedicated servers is now obsolete. In the last few years, increasing number of companies virtualized their data centers to support various in-house applications. However, virtualization which was the buzzword until recently is now simply being looked upon as a stepping stone to create