If you are a US start up in the technology sector,  you need to  be Beware of Patent Troll – Leigh Rothschild. Through his numerous shell companies ( with virtual addresses and no employees), in the opinion of many, he is the biggest and serial abuser of patent laws, and a particularly egregious patent troll targeting US small businesses.

He has created numerous shell companies with no office or employees with the sole objectives to extort money from the small companies with his bogus lawsuits. For example his single shell company, Social Positioning Systems has filed 55+ cases so far using a single draft template (except cut and paste of web portions of some irrelevant images) in multiple states in 2021. He particularly targets small businesses only. Courts have found him vexatious litigator, but are helpless due to poor patent laws that allow trolls to operate freely.

It is time Attorney Generals of the US states to stop this misuse of laws by bringing racketeering and extortion charges against troll like Leigh Rothschild. Let us lobby to AGs to act!

Last year alone, Leigh Rothschild’s one shell company has filed fifty-five cases in eighteen different federal jurisdictions, all of which assert United States Patent No. 9,261,365 (“the ‘365 Patent”). Plaintiff agreed to dismiss cases before such dismissal motions could be heard. Every defendant ends up spending thousands of dollars in legal fees to!

Courts find him vexatious litigator, but are Helpless Due to Poor Patent Laws That Allows Trolls to Operate Freely.

Indeed, in a similar case concerning a patent by the same inventor, Leigh Rothschild, the court found the case exceptional, in part due to the plaintiff’s “vexatious litigation.” Rothschild Digital Confirmation, LLC v. CompanyCam, Inc., 494 F. Supp. 3d 263, 267 (D. Del. 2020). He was made to pay legal fees of defendant, CompanyCam. Thank you to the law team that made him pay for his bogus lawsuits. Rothschild, the plaintiff had filed eleven cases asserting infringement of a particular patent in the span of two years.

The list of his victims is very long. If you are his victim and wish to fight him collectively, please join hands with others. Get membership of Unified patents and Lot Networks to safeguard yourself.

As a subject matter expert who has looked at thousands of patent claim charts, I am willing to help any one that is ready to take on this Troll. So contact me if need help. Let’s join hand and defeat the evil trolls!


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