I have over 30+ years of experience in technology, products and business leadership roles. I have been involved in product development, product management, business development and R&D in Software Engineering, IP Networking, Wireless Cellular Technologies, Cloud Computing, Computing Security, AI/ML, Data Analytics, SaaS software and Web Applications Technologies for major US corporations (Amazon AWS, Accenture, Panasonic, Motorola Cellular etc). 

In addition to major technology management roles,  I have been involved in wide range of engineering/consulting activities such as setting up Cloud Computing/Data Analytics Infrastructure, Cloud Migrations and Modernization, Cloud Architecture for AWS and Azure, Data Center Infrastructure Modernization, Scale-able Media Streaming, SIP VoIP Phone Networks, Software and Hardware development.

I have chaired internal Patents Filings committees,  developed Patents Claim Charts & Evidence of Use (EOU) for Patent Infringement Claims and have acted as a Patent Litigation Subject Matter Expert (SME)  & participated in many International Technical Standards bodies.

Here is a copied introduction bio (feel free to contact me for  more information):

Brief Profile (3rd Party):

Dr. Brijesh Kumar, over the last three decades, has held many senior Engineering Management, R&D and Products Management positions with major fortune 500 corporations ( Amazon AWS, Accenture, Panasonic, Motorola Cellular, Glenayre Techs., Digital Equipment) and major VC/PE funded technology startups (Ennovate Networks, Corona Networks, LS AudioLabs, IP Value Management etc.) in the USA and Canada.

He has led team of hundreds of hardware and software engineers to produce advanced technological products and solutions. Dr. Kumar was the Lead Scientist & former Head of Panasonic’s Wireless, Mobile and IP technology research group in the USA. He has also taught at major research Universities in the US and UK and led advance research programs.

Dr. Kumar is an internationally recognized expert in IP networking, Cyber Security and Mobile Communications. He has led large multi-site software and hardware development teams, and has been at the industry forefront in managing the development of numerous successful products, and technologies.

He has led advance research in wireless (GSM/CDMA infrastructure, Mobile Devices and Mobile applications), IEEE 802.11 WLANs, computer networking (IP Routers, VPN Gateways, Optical Switches), Media Streaming, P2P, SIP and Web 2.0 technologies. He has led teams that designed products with market cap in billions of dollars.

Dr Kumar has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the prestigious University College London (UCL) / University of London, U.K. He got his BSEE and MSEE in Computer Science from IIT (Roorkee) and IIT (Delhi) respectively.

Dr. Kumar has published numerous peer reviewed technical papers , filed many patents, and contributed to several important standard documents in IETF, IEEE, WAP Forum, and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) International Standards bodies.

He is a reviewer of IEEE and ACM professional journals and has been a Technical Planning Committee (TPC) member, and session chair at many professional and industry conferences and seminars. He is a frequent speaker in workshop and conferences. He has also taught at prestigious universities in the US and UK various courses related to software engineering, IT security and Networking.

Image: Speaking at a conference in Cambridge, MA, Boston

Here is my more detailed summary of Resume:

  • 30+ Years of Experience in Management of Multi-Site Development, System Architecture Development, Consulting in IP Networking, SIP/VOIP Networks and Media Streaming, Wireless Communications, Cloud  Computing & IT Security, Internet Media Streaming, Software, Mobile & Wireless Systems Consulting, Patents Claim Charts Development, and Technology Standards Development.
  • Software Development, Mobile, SaaS, IoT & Cloud Computing: Architected and Delivered over  650+ Major Development Projects, 500+ Web, Enterprise, IoT, SaaS Cloud  projects & Over 700+ Mobile Apps. Numerous IP, Cellular Network/ Cloud, Video Streaming Applications, IP Network Deployments & Security Assessments.
  • Broad Technology Experience: Technology expertise in the Wireless, Cellular (GSM, CDMA, LTE, IMS) & IP Networking (SIP/VoIP/ MPLS, IP Routing, NMS), Mobile Apps, Audio/Video Streaming, Web/Cloud Computing, Cyber Security,  Enterprise Applications, IT Infrastructure Security, Telecom & Consumer Electronics Industry. Deployed large enterprise systems. Set Up & Managed Cellular Network deployment in 300+ Cities in China.
  • Technical Leadership: Speaker, Reviewer, and Chair at Numerous Industry and Academic conferences (IEEE/ ACM), Journals and Seminars. Helped/ Involved in raising US $ 300 million for 5+ start ups in the last 15 years.
  • Led standards Development in IETF (SIP/VoIP/ Mobile IP, IP Routing, MPLS, Security), OMA, IEEE, 3GPP, DLNA, OSGI Standards Bodies. Numerous Patents and Advanced Research publications.
  • Also, Taught Software Engineering, IP Networking, and Computing Security & IT Management as a University faculty in UK / US. Most Recently at Drexel University, Philadelphia.
  • Management Experience: Senior Level Experience in Start Up/ Rapid Growth/ High-Tech/ Multinational Corporations. Global Business Management Skills With P&L Responsibilities.

High tech industry products development/  Strategy managed

              Mobile/ Wireless:  Mobile Handsets, GSM/CDMA BSS, Cellular Switches, Mobile Apps, Mobile Video

                IP Networking/ Security: SIP/ VoIP, Class4/5 Switches, IMS Arch., SS7, IP Routers, Firewalls, Gateways,

              Web Technologies:  Web 2.0,   Audio/Video Streaming, Apache/ IIS Web Server, MySQL, J2EE

              Enterprise S/W:  Database (MySQL, PostGres, Oracle), Transaction Systems, SANs, NAS, Linux, Windows


Ph.D. (Computer Science – Topic:  Routing in the Internetworks). University College London (UCL) –

(Rated in Top 5 worldwide in QS World/ Times University Rankings) / University of London, UK (1992)

MSEE (Computer Technology), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, 1986

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management), Panjabi University, India, 1984

BSEE (Electronics & Communications Eng.), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, 1981

Publications ( 50 +)  and Patents Disclosures (25+)

Many publications in various journals and one book on computer communication. Attended/ Presented in several international IEEE/ ACM/ Optical/ Wireless /Telecom/ Internet conferences and  workshops.

Active IETF OMA, IEEE  Standards Participant.  Many patent disclosures filed or in process. TPC member or reviewer of professional IEEE/ ACM  Conferences and Journals.

International Standardization Activities/ Committees

  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) : SIP, SIPPING, MANET, NEMO, DNA, MPLS, IDR, PP-VPN, Mobile-IP
  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA): Developers Interest Group (DIG), Device Management (DM), BAC/Broadcast, Push-To-Talk (POC), Game Services Group
  • IEEE: IEEE 802.15.3 (Ultra Wide Band),  IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.21
  • Miscellaneous: Cable Labs,   CDPD Forum, GPRS Forum, WAP Forum, MBOA Forum, UWB Forum

Miscellaneous Professional Activities

I have been Technical Program Committee (TPC) Member and Reviewers of  very prestigious International Journals and Conferences such as:

  • Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE ICC, Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE GlobeCom,
  • Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE NIME, Reviewer IEEE Network Magazine,  Reviewer IEEE Communications,   Reviewer IEEE Globecom,  Reviewer IEEE Infocom,
  • Reviewer IEEE ICC (International Conference on Communications) ,  Reviewer IEEE NIME

Speaker and Conference/Workshops Session Chair

Numerous conferences, seminars and workshops,  and standards meetings.

Professional Memberships

Member- IEEE, Member – ACM, Member – ACM SIGCOMM, Member – IEEE Consumer Elec. Society