Some Thoughts On Android OS Security

Android OS and Application Security A lot of has been written about Android o/s security issues in the popular media.  Unfortunately, most of it is totally misleading, irresponsible, and totally erroneous.  While Android OS may have many security issues, but many problems cited with Android Phones are not related to the OS at all. Most

iPhone Development: Porting Java Script Web Applications to Apple’s iPhone

Summary: iPhone has revolutionized the mobile world like no other product did before. iPhone touch screen clearly was a generation ahead, and Apple’s marketing as always  was flawless – but there was something more to this success. iTune made is easy for the application to be distributed.  But what made iPhone hit with developers were

Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide for Mobile App developers

  It is important to start by noting that Bluetooth wireless technology is a wireless standard and specification that product manufacturers build into their products. The manufacturer who produces the Bluetooth enabled product does so in compliance with an industry standard but integrates the technology into its product in its unique way. Therefore, for technical

Mobile Games Development – Options, Market Directions and Technologies

Mobile phones’ primary purpose was to make phone calls, but that role has now transformed into a personal tool that combines a lot of other functionalities that mobile people need. Recently, mobile phones have emerged as personal entertainment device specially in youth and teenagers. Today’s mobile Phones can play music, browse Internet, record and watch

Designing and Developing Mobile Web Sites – Understanding the Mobile Web

At my company, we get many inquiries where people want to create a mobile version of their existing sites. Unfortunately, many of these good people do not yet fully understand the intricacies and fragmentation of mobile web browsers and significant differences that exists between mobile and desktop world. This article is meant to provide some