Setting In-house Private Cloud with OpenStack

It appears that traditional data center architecture built around the clusters of dedicated servers is now obsolete. In the last few years, increasing number of companies virtualized their data centers to support various in-house applications. However, virtualization which was the buzzword until recently is now simply being looked upon as a stepping stone to create

Managing Data Security in Public, Hybrid and Private Clouds

The cloud provides convenient, on-demand network access to a centralized pool of configurable computing resources such as such as computing servers, storage, networks, services, and applications that can be rapidly deployed with great efficiency and minimal management overhead. Although cloud computing presents tremendous benefits in terms cost and performance, security and privacy concerns remain the

Outsourcing Software and Product Development Without Compromising IPRs

Summary:  If you are planning to engage an outsourcing development company, understanding the safety of IPRs is very important.  With so many dubious outsourcing vendors in the market, it is important to only deal with someone that has ability to protect your IPRs. How do you protect your IPRs with a company that has no

Outsourcing Software Development – The Right Way

Summary: Outsourcing software can save you money and can result in excellent results if done properly. On the other hand, if you are unlucky one caught with some unprofessional company or individuals, results can be far from satisfactory.  The most critical factor in choosing the outsourcing company is determine how professional and knowledgeable their implementation