There are number of technologies that I deal with and hence, my past work has  covered one of these areas .  I have developed numerous products, set up data centers and written a lot of software for these technologies and many more.  From developing software for embedded systems to writing code for routers to setting up large cloud based software, I have done it all. There is always something new happening – such as virtualization, cloud computing and now fog computing. It is am amazing field to be.  Some of the technologies with which I had chance to work with are:


Cloud Computing – Technologies and Architecture, Software and Systems

  •  I have  worked both with AWS, Azure and GCP Cloud Technologies for nearly 10+ years. I have expertise in the large scale cloud migrations, cloud assessment, migration planning, cloud security and operations management, cost optimization and server-less computing.

IP Networking, SIP VOIP – Software and Systems

  •  I have technology expertise in the Wireless, Cellular (GSM, CDMA, LTE, IMS) & IP Networking (SIP/VoIP/ MPLS, IP Routing, IP VPNs, NMS) areas.  I have  been involved in IP Routing (OSPF, RIP, BGP) and MPLS implementation and software development on large scale routers. I have attended numerous IETF meetings when these standards were evolving in early 2000.


  • SIP/VoIP – I have been involved in setting up many VoIP servers using Asterisk open source server.  I also developed SIP based phone clients for Windows PC, Android and iPhone. I have also written many other useful scripts for Asterisks.

Wireless, Cellular Networking & IOT – Software and Systems

  • I was involved in the development of wireless CDPD router and base station development at Motorola in early 1900. Since then I have worked on GSM, CDMA standards and did research on roaming, hand-off, session management, and security in Wireless networks. I also represented Panasonic in many OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) groups .
  • Wrote Code for Wireless BaseStation,  Switch and Mobile Device Software

Computing Security – Technologies and Tools

  • As a researcher, I have been involved with computing security for well over 25 years.  I have done research on network security, malware analysis, web app security and botnets. I  lead a team of advanced Security services providing managed Security Services, Deployment of Software Tools, Advanced Security Consulting, Web Application Security, Audits, Developer Training, and Cloud migration etc.


  • Areas of Security Management: I have taught courses on: IT  Security Architecture, Web Application Security, IP Networks Redesign, Penetration Testing,  Access Control & Intrusion Det.,  Cloud Security Tools, Incident Response Best Practices, Data Loss Prevention, PCI / HIPAA Compliance,  Cloud Security,  Intrusion Detection , ITIL / ISO 2700 Security System Audits,  IT Security Risk Assessment,  Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning, Application and  Testing Services, Encryption Tools,  Malware/ Virus Analysis, Public Key Infrastructure.


  • Security Tools:  I am familiar with large number of security tools.  For example I have used these tools during the last 10 years: Nessus, NMap, Metasploit, HailStorm, OpenDLP, pfSense Firewall, Symantec DLP, AxCrypt, Wireshark, Ophcrack, SELinux, OpenVAS, Cisco/ Sonicwall Firewalls, McAfee, LogPoint SIEM, Cisco VPNs, HailStorm, CodeGreen DLP, iptable configuration, Tor, Kerberos

Software Development and Scale-able Web Architecture

  •  Web Technologies: I have guided development of numerous web based applications using  PHP/Cake PHP framework, and Also with .Net/ VB+ or C#. environment.  I am often investigating tools to allow faster response to web transactions or secure applications and transactions. The best current application is Field Force Tracker .  Field Force Tracker is one of the leading software for field service management.


  • Media Streaming and Web Conferencing Systems:  I have been deeply involved in the development of audio/video streaming infrastructure. I have set up many streaming servers based on Flash for Video or IceCAst for audio streaming with Akamai or Amazon AWS set up to scale up the infrastructure. I spent significant efforts in scaling Web Conferencing System and designing systems that can handle large number of simultaneous users in a group.


  • Mobile Applications:  As part of my Rapidsoft Team – over 10 year periods we developed over 500+ mobile applications of all kinds for iPhone, Android and other platforms.  We started developing Mobile applications using J2ME for simple Nokia phones  much before smart phones became popular.


  • Embedded Software:  I have written Device drivers for Ethernet, IEEE 488 Bus and a lot of other software for various devices and boards. I also have my own small set up to try many different application using Arm’s chipsets for Internet of Things (IOT) applications. I am specially interested in SoCs.  SoC integrates a microcontroller (or microprocessor) with advanced peripherals like graphics processing unit (GPU), Wi-Fi module, or coprocessor. If the definition of a microcontroller is a system that integrates a microprocessor with peripheral circuits and memory, the SoC is to a microcontroller what a microcontroller is to processors, remembering that the SoC does not necessarily contain built-in memory

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

  • Set up large infrastructure of Amazon AWS servers using load balancers, managed multi-zone DB servers, Set up security policies and dev op configurations.